Elegance at play

These designs are sold and similar ones can be made by special order, please make inquiry.

Elegance at play N 580

This opulent 18 Karat Gold Butterfly Necklace is a signature piece in the Visionary Jewels Collection.  It can be purchased alone or with the matching ring (R202) and/ or earrings (E565).  The butterfly design brings the qualities of playfulness, transformation and beauty to the wearer .  Australian Prehnite is a rare stone that carries the energy of leadership of the feminine which is much needed in these times.  The beautiful color vibrates with the Heart and Solar Plexus, adding power to the piece.  Brazilian Amethyst is used to bring in the Violet Ray of spirit.  The detailed Gold and Silver work is exceptional

18K GOLD Butterfly Necklace with Prehnite and Amethyst

Price: US$ 432.0